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Jo & Sue – The Adventure Begins!

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My name is Jo and I am a (cough cough) thirty something year old woman from a small town in BC. Sue is my twin sister, lucky girl. For the record, I am 20 minutes older. This means that in situations that come down to a “someone is right and someone is wrong” type of conclusion, I am ALWAYS right. Always. It is my birthright and Sue will eventually accept this. Because I am the one writing this intro Sue can’t defend herself (Bwa Ha Ha) but in the future I am sure she will retaliate.
To carry on……we have decided to try our hand at blogging. We share a love of food that began in our childhood. We grew up competing in the local Fall Fair with car loads of baking and crafts. Many of our family gatherings were/are spent gathered in mom and dad’s kitchen discussing recipes and taste testing. And, of course, any trips to the city are centered around what new restaurants we can try and treats we can buy. Mom, dad, and older sis (Orra) all live close by in the same community we grew up in, Lillooet. Lillooet is an amazing place and I encourage everyone to visit! Amazing people and has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed scenery.
Okay, enough about us for now. Sue and I will do our best to share our thought, opinions, and ideas about food (and other things). We hope to inspire others to be just as excited about foooooooooood!! (and other things)